For 2024, I am reducing the total number of scheduled courses in order to offer more personalized instruction (one-on-one or two) Option sessions.  You can check those out on the Personalized Instruction Page.


2024 Courses Offered

“Guns & Roses” Basic Handgun (Ladies Only)

Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit Course

Advanced Concealed Carry & Tactics Range Lab

Courses are conducted in a very relaxed and open classroom setting where there are no dumb questions. In the Basic Handgun Course, there may be some participants who have never held or fired a handgun, some only once or twice, but all wish to be more knowledgeable about firearms, how they operate and how to safely shoot and handle them. Topics include discussions on how to safely have & store firearms in the home—especially when there are children around.

Participants do not need to own a firearm for the Basic Handgun Course. I will provide any firearms necessary for both the class times and for the range. No other firearms or ammunition will be allowed in the classroom or at the range.

Participants taking the Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit Course must have their own firearm and be very familiar with its operation as this is not a “learn how to shoot” course.  Please see the Personalized Instruction Page if you would like help to be more proficient with your handgun or would like to handle and shoot various handguns to find the best one for you before you buy.

I am available (for a small fee) as a speaker for lunch / dinner groups on topics such as: gun safety in the home; personal protection in the home and when out and about; etc. Additionally, I can present the Active Shooter Seminar at your location or for your group as well.   Please call or email to coordinate.

As classroom locations vary due to class size and availability, you will be informed of the location prior to the course date.