Security Consulting (Churches / Non-Profits)



Churches and Non-profits that have been living in DENIAL are finally realizing that violence (the “unthinkable”) can happen anywhere —-even in their church or facility.   The term “security” is mentioned but how to get started in an area that is foreign to many can be a puzzle.

A good starting place would be to speak with another church or organization that already has a Policy, a Plan & Procedures for dealing with the “unthinkable”.   Consider inviting their Security Manager to speak with your staff or leadership to help you get started on the right path regarding security.  This is where I may be of help.

At your invitation, I will share the important steps our church went through in developing our Security Policy and Plan.  I will discuss how to select, vet and train your security team and the consideration for armed and unarmed team members.  I will answer your questions as best I can.  But most importantly, I will provide you with a CD so that you do not have to “re-invent the wheel” or start from scratch.  Included in that CD will be:

  • Crisis Response Plan
  • Receipt of Bomb Threat Instructions
  • Various Church safety & security articles
  • Dealing with dangerous people
  • Sample Security Incident report
  • Use of Force Continuum Chart
  • Security Team Manual
  • Helpful Church Security Resources

Meeting time takes about 1 – 2 hours.  Suggested donation of $100.

Please call (907)-344-1946 or email ( and we can coordinate a date & time or answer any questions you may have.